A couple weeks ago, you may have seen my first (and only) experience on the runway.   Well, this past weekend, I got to play dress up again.

I was meeting with one of my clients for our weekly strategy meeting at her boutique in Danville, Ca.  She had just received a shipment of handmade fascinators from designer Tracy Holcomb.  Fascinators, which are tiny, fancy hats, are one of the hottest trends right now in London, and they are slowly making their mark over here in the US.

The owner and her staff were getting ready to take pictures for the their blog when she asked me if I would mind trying some of them on to give the full effect to their readers.  Of course, who would say no to playing dress up in these fun accessories?

Pretty fancy, huh?  I wish I had a party to wear one of these to this season!