I arrived in Paris yesterday morning around 8am.  I’ve packed for 3 months (optimistically) so getting from Charles de Gaulle to the apartment where I’m staying with my friend Nora was quite a trek.  By noon I was all settled and my new strategy for jet lag actually worked!  This new strategy being to stay up all night before my flight, then sleep the entire 9 hour flight.

Nora had to go to work, so I set off the explore this familiar city.  My first stop, as always, was Montmartre, my favorite part of town.

IMG_3891 IMG_3910 IMG_3915I came back around 6pm and took a short nap, and then went to the theater to see Woody Allen’s latest, Blue Jasmine, which was by far the most depressing film I’ve seen in a while.  But it was in English, which was a welcomed break from spending all day reading my French-English dictionary.

I’m here for a little over a week…what are you suggestions for things I should do?