So one minute I’m walking down the street desperately trying to find Chipotle (“I know it’s around here somewhere…”) and the next moment I’m being stopped by a photographer and a model who were walking the opposite direction back to their studio.  “Are you a model?” the photographer asked me. I thought, oh boy, this does not sound good. “No, but thank you, I’m flattered,” I replied.  The model and the photographer proceeded to tell me how one of the models scheduled for a fashion show a couple days ahead had just canceled with a flu, so they were desperately in need of another model.  Sensing my hesitation, they told me fittings were in an hour at a well known downtown designer’s studio.  If I was interested, I could meet them there and meet the designer.  I called a guy friend to come with me and we headed over to the studio.

2 days later I found myself sitting in a salon with people tugging at my dress- and my hair, applying makeup and nail polish, and voila! I was unrecognizable.  After 2 hours of runway lessons, I was ready for the spotlight, or so they told me.  I was not so sure, especially when they crammed me into a room with 25 other models, agents, designers, and stylists.  Before I even had time to think, I was walking down a runway of flashing lights.  The only things I really remember are that it was almost too bright to see where I was going, and Jay Z’s “Empire State of Mind” was playing loudly through the speakers.

Here are the photos…Go ahead and laugh.  I have the most serious expression on my face because I was really just thinking about not falling on my face.

It was one of the most exciting and scariest moments of my life, and I feel lucky to have had the chance to be a part of such an amazing show.  Although, I don’t think I’ll have the guts to do it again :)

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