Let’s just get it on the table…

When people read my blog or look through my Instagram photos, everyone seems to have one of two reactions: They’re either hugely supportive and proud, or they have a myriad of follow-up questions.  Today I’m putting it all out there, so here are the answers to all your burning questions about my not-so-private-anymore life.  Pull up a chair…

1.  Don’t I want to have kids?

I recently read this hugely offensive article on Thought Catalog that stated that a woman should have kids first, get them out of the way, and focus on a career later.  At first the article got my blood boiling.   It seemed to set feminism back about 40 years with that statement alone.

But I found myself losing sleep the next few nights over it.  Should I have gotten married when I was super young?  Had kids before 25 like so many of my friends?  The article stated that while developing your career can be done at any point in your life, having kids (naturally) can’t.  Oh. My. God.  That makes sense…Why hadn’t I thought of that before?  I never wanted to be the type of woman that was concerned with her ‘biological clock’ (that phrase makes me want to gag), but all of the sudden, everyone else seems to be worrying about me settling down, as if I’m almost out of time.  In case you’re wondering, I’m 26.

As much as I act like all my single ladies, all my single ladies, I do want to have a kid, or maybe a whole crew of them.  Eventually.  Maybe it’s my type-A personality, but I’m a full believer that yes, I can have it all, and I will, just not yet.  So… Can all you baby-pushers give me (and every other 20-something female) a break?  I will have a baby, and it’s going to be adorable, and have totally rock star parents who are ready to have kids. Which brings me to…

2.  Don’t I want to get married?

In theory, yes.   But, the older I get, I realize that my actions don’t exactly line up with that goal.  I want to be in a relationship, but I can’t stay in one place long enough to actually go on more than a date or two in sequence.  I’m either going to have to A) Settle down in one place or B) Find someone who likes to have the same adventures I do.  I’m thinking B sounds like the better option.

I’ve gotten close to getting married before.  Heck, I’ve even been engaged.  Have you ever seen that episode of Grey’s Anatomy when Christina is getting

married to Burke and she hyperventilates when they put her wedding choker/necklace thing is on?  That’s how I felt the entire 2 months I was engaged.  I know it was because it was the wrong person, so until someone can make me feel the opposite of that, I think I’ll stay out of a life-binding contract with them.  As my friend Brittain puts it, I may be taking the long way around, but at least I’m not settling, and I’m not stuck.

For now, I’m happy sharing my love, words, and emotions with someone who’s on the road as much as I am (just not always the same road).  Ohhhh mystery.  I can’t tell you all my secrets, can I?  But, I will tell you just writing about him makes my cheeks hurt from smiling so much.

3.  Why didn’t I get my college degree?

Probably because I’m irresponsible and couldn’t get to a single class on time to save my life.  Mostly, because every marketing class I took in college made me feel like I should have been teaching the class.  I student-taught a lot, but in the end, marketing is a skill that you’re always learning and improving on, so you might as well be getting paid.  Do not follow my example.

In conclusion…

Any more questions?