Natalie Grinnell SanClemente San Francisco Travel Blog World Travel Moving to EuropeNo matter where in the world I am, I start my day off the exact same way: Snuggled up to a hot cup of coffee, and reflecting on past, present, and future travels.  As I drink my coffee, I open my MacBook Pro and log into WordPress.  I spend the first hour of my day reading about the adventures of the travel bloggers I’m following, which only feeds my excitement for my new adventure in Europe coming up.  There are just so many places to go in the world, and I’ve barely scratched the surface.  Until I can see everything, these five travel blogs will have to tide me over:

Tuula Vintage Travel Blog Natalie Grinnell Miss Social

1. Tuula Vintage – This girl has the life!  She is living my dream as a fashion blogger, model, and traveler.

Gary Pepper Girl Travel Blog Natalie Grinnell Miss Social

2. Gary Pepper Girl – Ahhhh.  The photos, the love, the fashion.

A New Yorker Travels Travel Blog Natalie Grinnell Miss Social

3. A New Yorker Travels – His Instagram feed alone is enough to make any travel bug’s heart flutter.

Waterlust Instagram Travel Blog Natalie Grinnell

4. Waterlust – This blog and Instagram features films and photos from the water-based adventures of world travelers.  Check out their Instagram, truly exciting.


5. Stylentonic – A fashion blogger who shares my love of world travel, what’s not to like?  Oh, and I’m totally stealing that Crazy Stupid Instalove idea.  Also, check out his latest photos from Mykonos, Greece.  SWOON.

Other blogs I read every day:

6. Confessions of a Nomad

7. Bespoke Traveler

8. Life Out of the Box

If wanderlust was a disease, I’d say I’m terminal.

The photo above (top photo) was taken on my rooftop from my home in San Clemente, California.  Most mornings in San Clemente start off foggy, but by noon the fog has burned off and we’re left with stunning views of the Pacific.  By evening, my sister and I are back out on the roof with a glass of wine enjoying perfect sunsets like this:

Photo taken by my sister #nofilter

Photo taken by my sister #nofilter

Life is good.