When googling ‘addicted to travel’ to see if there were others like me, I found these adorable quotes about the hold travel can have on you:

… you sleep with your passport. — @kasiainparis

… you live out of your suitcase even when ‘home. — Judi E. (I do this a lot! -Natalie)

… you can and have given tourists directions in London, Paris, Tokyo — or any other places you don’t live in. — Bruce

… you’re planning one trip while on another! — @missyfarrenPR

… you already know the airport codes for airports you’ve not yet visited. — Jo Ann Slate

… you can pick up your luggage and guess, within a few ounces, the weight.” — Barbara Calder (Totally!  I know exactly what 50 lbs feels like! -Natalie)

… you start collecting small, clear plastic bags for check-in. — @MonicaSarkar

… you sit down at your desk and reach for the seatbelt. — Alan G. (HA!)

… waking up at home feels strange. — Jeff

… your cubicle at work is covered in postcards. — @DanielleRauch

… you always have at least two bags at home: one in ‘unpack’ mode and one in ‘packed and ready to go’ mode. — Bruce

… you know which customs agents to avoid! — @MayDayTravel

… the only reason you work is so you can afford to upgrade your next trip. — Marvin