1. Expand.  
When I think about where I wanted Studio 41 to be by now back when  we opened in July of 2010, I was hoping to be a bit further along.   We’ve had some set backs, mostly because of my own faults or fears.  But 2013 will be different.  I’ll be hiring more employees this year, and expanding to New York, LA, and beyond.  I’ll also be launching a sister site, in which we’ll be offering solely website design at first.  But, we hope to expand there, too.  Take a sneak peek here:  ParachutePress.net.  We’re holding our breath and jumping in, because without risk there is no reward.

2. Explore.  Of course, this is not a new resolution.  Every year I push myself to see more and more of this beautiful planet.  2012 was rich with travel, and 2013 I’ll be seeing even more.  Just a few of the places that top my list are Barcelona, Greece, Ottawa & Montreal :), and Mexico.

How are you planning to expand and explore in 2013?

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