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It had been 11 years since I last stepped foot on the cobble stone streets of Paris, but once I got off the plane it felt like only a few days had passed.  There I was once again huddling with my sister in the pouring rain sans umbrella, attempting to locate the location of our apartment on our wet map.

Deciding we needed our trusty Google maps, we headed off in the direction of free wi-fi.  My sister, having just been to Paris the previous year, was more familiar with the streets and navigated us to a coffee shop about a mile away.  We also needed caffeine, nourishment, and a place to plug in our iPhones.

Feeling energized, even though we both had lingering flus, we checked into our apartment, got a change of clothes, and headed out to see the sights.  I guess we were afraid of not seeing everything while we were in Paris, so we hit all the major tourist spots on the first day:

We came, we saw, we conquered; and that was only our first day…