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For the past couple weeks I have definitely been in a work funk.  So far in November I’ve been in this sort of footloose and fancy free state of mind.  October was full of excitement: A European vacation, visitors from Australia, a trip to Detroit for the World Series, the Giants victory parade, and a Digitally Chic event.  It seems logical that November I would have no problem fitting right back into my productive- and sometime rigorous – schedule of issuing proposals, writing contract, status reports, billing, and event planning.  But alas, I’ve still been in vacation mode.  Until now…

With two new fresh clients on my plate, a new product line about to launch, and another surprise launch happening early next year, I feel extremely motivated again.  (Hooray, I’m even finding time to blog!)  I’m back in my regular fitness routine and off my French croissants/bread/cheese diet that seemed like such a good idea in Paris.   Now, I just need to stay on track.  I am determined to make today mon day.

How do you keep your mind from suffering from traveler’s envy while you’re stuck at your desk?