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I have to hand it to San Francisco lately.  The usually obscure Indian Summer has truly lived up to it’s hype.  With sunny 70 & 80 degree (F) days left and right, I still haven’t completely lost my summer tan.  The weather app on my iPhone shows rain for this weekend, but I’m still hoping this Indian Summer continues just for a couple more weeks.  Moving on…

A couple weeks ago, my Digitally Chic co-founder Ashley and I did a combined photo shoot for iStock.com & Digitally Chic, shot by the talented Cheshire Issacs (cheshiredave.com).  Hair & makeup by Jonathan Reisfeld.

The shoot was crazy fun.  We were running around San Francisco like mad men, trying to stay ahead of the sun, all while tackling 3 costume changes and attempting to keep our hair somewhat in place while the wind showed us no mercy.  By the end of the day, were were pretty much a disaster and my feet were killing me from running around in 7 inch heels.  I do not know how actual models don’t break their necks.

Here are some shots from Part One of the shoot: