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I’m back in San Francisco after a much-too-short and sweet hop across the pond to France, Germany, and Belgium (more on that coming soon).  If you can’t wait for my posts about these travels, hop on over to my Facebook page and take a stroll through my Barely Staying Awake in France and Barely Sleeping in Belgium + Germany albums.

Whilst I was gone, the Giants totally kicked butt in the Playoffs, although we definitely saw some of that torture everyone is always talking about.  Luckily, they dragged it on long enough for me to get home and host a Game 7 party-of-one at my place, in which they won!  So that means they’re off to the WORLD SERIES!!!

In honor of their trip to the Series, I’ll be sporting full Giants attire everyday at the office until they claim their trophy.  My prediction is they’ll win it all on Wednesday, October 31st…It’s definitely meant to be with all that orange and black.

On Sunday I did a double photo shoot for iStock.com and Digitally Chic, and after I was done with hair and makeup, we played around in front of the Giants ballpark for a bit before our actual shoot started, hence the heavy makeup and huge hair…

What else happened while I was away?