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Since I’m in the midst of a million things, not excluding a new product launch* (!!!), and I’m prepping for a few upcoming vacays, I’ve barely had time to blog.  I’m sorry! I have about 30 topics written down in my notebook just waiting for me to put pen to paper….or rather, fingertips to keyboard.

One thing that I’m still finding time for -barely- is the gym.  As you may have read in Operation Skinny Natalie and the Break-Up Body post, I’m obsessed with the FitSugar “Get the Bod” videos.  Today, my celeb muse is Jennifer Aniston (congrats on the engagement Jen.  Is it weird I had a dream last night that her and I were friends?).  Anywho, these are a few of the exercises I’ll be implementing in tonight’s gym sesh:


*I’ll be announcing my new product soon, stay tuned!