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Going back to Sacramento always fills my heart with the elation and sentiment that I had the first 5 years of living on my own.  Since moving to San Francisco nearly 2 years ago, my visits to Sactown have not been as frequent as I’d like to admit, but that doesn’t mean that every visit hasn’t been full of great memories.

This past weekend I took Amtrak to Sac, where my friends Rich & Kate picked me up.  We decided to take a drive around the countryside to explore the areas of the Delta we used to as teenagers.  Memories of late night walks and midnight drives flooded our senses as we made our way around the winding river road.  I wish we would have thought to take pictures (because honestly, when are we without a camera these days?) because the sun soaked fields and glistening water are way too dazzling to describe in words.

After a couple hours we drove back downtown to do a little sightseeing.  Rich, a blooming amateur photographer (see our other photo shoot here), took some photos of me as we walked past some of our favorite downtown spots.  Please excuse the red face, as I was overheating in the kind of weather that seldom graces itself in San Francisco.

How was your weekend?