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There are many reasons to hire a professional photographer: to develop your personal brand, to shoot a product or clothing line, or even to capture your growing family.  I’m here to help you make the most of the opportunities.

To have the best success with a photo shoot, always choose clothing that fits your personal style.  You want to have confidence in what you’re wearing because that confidence will come off in the photos.

Here are a few tips I’ve learned in my experience as the photographer, and as the model:

-If you’re doing an outdoor shoot, which I recommend, be prepared with extra styling tools for your hair in case of extreme windy or humidity.

-Choose colors that will work well in any light.  Wearing all white, for example, can come out very harsh or blown out.

-Wear textures.  Giving your audience more to look as increases the attractiveness of the photo.  But don’t overdo it.  Too much jewelry or clashing colors give the opposite reaction.

-Choose the right setting.  If you are wearing bring colors, choose a background that will not compete with your clothing.  If you have a muted wardrobe, choose a setting that will be interesting and will complement your features.

-Bring props.  Having something to hold, at least at first, will ease your anxiety about being the center of attention and will also give you something to have fun with.  It also gives your audience more to look at.