One month from today, I will be boarding a plane and flying up to Ketchikan, Alaska.  I’ll be stepping off the plane in the tiny airport and boarding my father’s sailboat to sail around Alaska, and then down to Seattle, checking off numbers 1 & 2 from my 2012 bucket list.

It has been my dad’s dream for as long as I can remember to sail to Alaska.  Having grown up in Alaska, my dad has made frequent trips to the Northern state over the years.  By 2 years old, I had grown accustomed to the long drive from my country hometown near the Tahoe forest, to a slightly colder summer climate in the heaven-like mountains of Alaska.

Throughout my life, I’ve been to Alaska many times, but this time will be different.  Sailing is a lot of work, not to mention we have to be prepared for anything.  I’m definitely looking forward to this adventure and memory-making time with my family, but I would be lying if I wasn’t a little scared to sail on freezing cold open waters, unsure of what scary wildlife life beneath.

Here are some special sights I’m really hoping to see while I’m in Alaska this summer:

Now who wants a souvenir?

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