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It’s already Thursday, people!  I could really get used to having a 3-day weekend every weekend, couldn’t you?

This weekend was especially fun for me because I took Amtrak to Sacramento to see my friends Rich and Kate.  I hadn’t seen them in a few months since everything has been so busy with Digitally Chic, S41, and EVERYTHING ELSE.  (P.S.  Did you know DC is having a shopping crawl, and you’re invited??   See the wonderful details here, including how to score a sweet swag bag full of goodies from your favorite SF vendors).

On Sunday, Rich, Kate, and I met up with Sacramento-based photographer, Francisco Chavira to take some much-need portraits for my blog and website.  Francisco took all the photos on film (even a few Polaroids), so we still have a few more days before we get to see those.  Thankfully Rich, who is a budding photographer himself, brought his SLR and took some great shots of the whole experience, and some great portraits of me, which are below.  I’ll post Francisco’s photographs when I get them in, right here on my blog.

Style Cred: Top from Ambiance in San Francisco, American Eagle shorts & belt. Wedge boots and studded purse from Consignit Couture.

And yes, I realize I have the worst fly-aways you’ve ever seen, but that’s what I get for going completely dark brunette a few months ago and then almost immediately changing my mind and going back to blonde.  The causalities are only temporary.  I digress.

Don’t you think Rich should go pro with the photography here?  I mean seriously.  Wow.