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Thanks to everyone who came by the W Hotel last night in downtown San Francisco for our May Digitally Chic meetup Spring Fling.  We had a ton of awesome people in attendance; from fashion bloggers, to app developers, to entrepreneurs, to tech writers.

I love what Digitally Chic is growing into: a blossoming networking experience connecting some of the most creative minds in San Francisco and beyond.

We’ve had so many inquires about when we will be expanding to other cities (New York and LA, we hear you!) and we can’t wait to make that happen.  For now, we are still learning about ourselves, and finding our place in this industry, so for the time being, we’ll be staying in San Francisco.  But, soon enough we hope to expand to LA, New York, and hey, maybe Paris, too!

Our next happy hour meetup will be on Thursday, June 22, but we are also hosting a Union Street shopping crawl on Saturday, June 16th, which I will be posting more details on soon.

We have high hopes for our little group, so stay tuned!