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When I look back at my family photo albums from vacations in the 90’s and early 2000’s, I cringe at some of my outfits.  The memories are still fond as I flip through the pages of our Yellowstone vacation or my first trip to Paris.  The only problem is, I’m dressed exactly the same for both occasions.  Sweatshirts, old jeans, tennis shoes, pony tail.  Whether I was hiking to Old Faithful or exploring the Louvre.


Since then, I insist that my vacation wardrobe match the theme of the vacation.  Some guidelines that I use are:

-Will there by a lot of walking?

Generally on vacation, there is always a ton of walking, so I always pack sandals or flats that are equally comfortable and photogenic.

-Will there by harsh sun?

Sun screen is the best accessory a girl can have, but also plan ahead by bringing stylish sun glasses and shirts that will leave less-than-horrendous tan lines.  I also bring an umbrella, not just for rain, but also to shade from the brutal sun found in such places like Egypt and Istanbul.  While wearing white can help combat sun stroke, there is no better preparation than bringing plenty of water.

-Pack light

As a woman, I always tend to overpack.  This not only takes up a ton of room in your no doubt tiny hotel room, but it’s also a pain to carry a 50 lb suitcase up the Spanish Steps.  The worst offender: Shoes.  Read: 1 pair of heels.  1 pair of flats.  1 pair of sandals.