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With so much on my plate professionally, writing is my sanity’s saving grace right now.   It’s my creative outlet after spending 50-60 hours a week designing websites & logos, and writing press releases and blog posts on the latest tech gadgets.  Don’t get me wrong, I love my career and I wouldn’t give it up, especially not because of a little stress or fatigue.

At the end of the day when I sit down at my desk or get into bed and open my screen to write in this blog, I feel relieved that I can just sit back and let the words flow freely from my fingertips.  There’s only one problem.   After 10 hours of working in front of a computer screen, I come home only to pour a glass of wine and spend 2 more in front of my brightly lit MacBook Pro screen.

I suppose I could sit down with a notepad and write down my thoughts, but that wouldn’t help with the fact that I want them posted here, so eventually I’d have to take the time to rewrite the entries online, which would just take more time.

Last week at the Digitally Chic meetup I was inspired to see so many of our members with creative hobbies outside of blogging.  Mallory makes jewelry, Jennymay takes photographs.

I used to commit much of my time to taking 35mm photographs, and would spend endless hours in the dark room developing them.  Being in the dark room felt like home to me, and had a very calming effect.  In the dark, you could only dwell on the art you were creating.  There wasn’t time to think about work, or bills, or other worries.  But somewhere in the midst of developing a professional life, I got further and further away from my creative one.

I think it’s time to get back.  Here is my solution:

I will start carrying my 35mm with me on weekends or even on my morning walk through the city to get to the metro for work.  Every time I fill a few rolls, I’ll dedicate a Saturday to the dark room, developing my work.

Here are some of my photographs from the past, all 35mm film developed in the dark room:

This one wasn’t developed in a dark room, but I still love it.   The many faces of my nephew Jonas: