There are many things I wish I would have known when I was growing up.  It took me a long time to discover who I am, and I’m still learning.  I was really uncomfortable and awkward and insecure as a child and young teenager.  But as I get older I see the beauty in originality, and that is something I think someone should know from the second they’re brought onto this planet.

So if I ever have a daughter, these are the things I’ll make sure she knows from the start:

Work hard and reward yourself, because sometimes you will be the only one who recognizes your effort.

Always be kind and generous, but don’t let people walk over you.

Be stubborn in your beliefs.

Confidence is the best accessory.

You’re never alone and you can always come home.

Things will always get better.

Make other people laugh.

Be a good friend.

Family comes first.

Whoever you are is who you are supposed to be.

Don’t quit school.

If you’re not sure what to do in any situation, go with what would make a good story.

Wear sun screen.

Learn the correct way to apply face cream, nail polish, eye makeup, and foundation.

Learn the correct way to tie a bow, make  a bed, tie a sailor’s knot, and a french braid.

Take risks with everything, except  your life.

Make yourself happy before adding anyone else to the equation.

Don’t fear falling in love.

Don’t smoke.

Say yes more than no.

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