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It’s a wonderful time of year in San Francisco.  I know a lot of people wish it could be sunny and warm all year round, but not me.  This fog and rain is part of the reason I moved to this city.  I love sipping my coffee and writing, while the rain pours against the window of my downtown office.  Here’s what I see:

It’s hard to see the rain against the windows, or the fog just along the skyline, but they’re there.  At night, the rain seams more enchanting because the city lights glisten on the ground as you cross the sidewalk.  Soon, it will be even better.  The holiday lights will mask even the tallest buildings and cheerful spirits will fill up the space in between.  I recently saw Midnight in Paris, in which the protagonist’s love interest states she doesn’t know whether Paris is more beautiful during the day or at night.  I feel this way about San Francisco as well.

As I write this, my aunt’s voice comes into my head.  She is constantly telling me I have a romantic obsession with San Francisco, and someday she will break my heart.  But I don’t believe this.  This is a love that can last a life time.

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