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Good morning and happy Travel Tuesday!

With the moving of my home AND office, April and May have been crazy busy and I haven’t had the opportunity to travel a ton.  So for today’s travel post, I’ll keep it right here in San Francisco.  Most of my readers don’t live in SF, so it’s travel to you (right?).

I already told you about the good, the bad, and the ugly of my first couple months of living here in the city by the bay.  One very good thing I forgot to mention is the VIEW.  Every morning when my alarm goes off I stumble into the kitchen, grab a cup of coffee and stumble up the stairs to my rooftop.   Here’s what I see for the first 15 minutes before I start the mad rush known as my normal day:

{actually, I took these last night at sunset, so picture them at sunrise instead}

Looking toward Downtown

Looking toward the water

View of Nob Hill

Visiting San Francisco?  See my article about one of my favorite local spots The Ferry Building, or more SF insider articles on SFTravel.com!