This is me (was me):

Im the blonde.

I’ve had long locks for most of my adult life. But every couple years, I get a little inspiration – coupled with the irritation of styling long hair every day – and decide to make a dramatic change.

When I was 20 I chopped off all my hair into a short A-line/bob a la Reese Witherspoon in Sweet Home Alabama:

Im 2nd from the right (with sisters: Jess, Deb, Becky)

Then, if you remember my Big Bang Theory post last year, when I spontaneously got bangs:

Well, that brings us up to date.  So….

The other day I was watching Bonnie and Clyde, starring Faye Dunaway who was the best hair cut (not to mention style) I’ve ever laid eyes on:

Next thing I knew I was walking around downtown, searching for a salon that was not only open at 8pm on a Saturday, but had availablity, AND wasn’t completely shady.  Enter Full Circle Salon, and the wonderful Aaron, who cut my hair to match Bonnie’s:

{I apologize for the lame BlackBerry photo}

So of all my various hairstyles, which one do you like best?