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Spring is here?  Not at my parents house in Meadow Vista, California, where I am currently staying for the next few days.   I drove 2 1/2 hours in the pouring rain this morning from my house in the Bay at 40 miles per hour most of the way.  The thick fog and heavy downpour caused me to contemplate getting off the freeway and waiting for it to let up a bit, but instead I continued, slowly.  Hydroplaning is not my thing.

About 10 miles from my parents house the rain let up enough for me to feel safe to drive on the winding foothill road that leads to my parents home.  Almost on cue of my arrival, the snow started.  And it didn’t stop for a few hours, giving my sister, her kids, and me the perfect opportunity for a quality snowball fight and some serious sledding action.

Don’t you just love Spring? :)