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You will need:
Fabric glue
Scrap of ribbon
Needle and thread
Plain headband
Hot-glue gun and hot-glue sticks
Feather pad (hackle) or selection of feathers to create one

Nonstick surface, such as a hot-glue mat or leftover label-backing paper

Fashion Headband How-To
PART 1: Feather pad

1. Choose attractive feathers you think with lay nice on the headband.

2. Place a small dab of fabric glue onto a nonstick surface. Arrange feathers with quills meeting in the dab of glue. Let dry for one hour.

PART 2: To create a ribbon flower

1. Sew one side of ribbon with a needle and thread.

2. Pull thread while sliding ribbon down to create flower.

3. Hot glue button to center of ribbon flower.

PART 3: Assemble Headband
1. The best way to decide where to glue the feather pad and flower, wear the headband in front of the mirror and then determine the placement of feathers.  Use a clothespin to secure in place.  Remove the headband and hot glue the feathers into position.

2. Add ribbon flower at base of feather pad with hot glue and secure with a clothespin until dry.

Now you have a fabulous accessory for your ladies night out tonight!