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Caorle is a town in the province of Venice, Italy.  In my opinion, the residents of Caorle are the luckiest residents of Italy.  They have the some of the most beautiful residential architecture, they have a beautiful marina, yummy food, awesome shopping, AND the warm Adriatic Sea beaches at their footsteps.  Not to mention, historic Venice is less than an hour drive or boat ride away.

Obviously I haven’t been to every small town in Italy, but I have to say that of the ones I’ve seen, Caorle is the most colorful.  As you will see from some of my photos, every building is a painted in a bright and attractive color (unlike certain districts of San Francisco where the residents paint their homes neon pink or aquamarine).

Like Venice, Caorle is a maze of small streets and alleys.  You’ll think you’re lost in a completely residential area when you stumble upon a small shopping center thriving with live music and popular cafes, seemingly out of nowhere.  But, then an hour later the entire town shuts down for its afternoon ‘siesta’.

Siesta gives ample time to explore the small town, take photos, and relax in the sun for a bit, allowing you to recharge in time for dinner and dancing.

How to get to Caorle:  Most likely you will be coming from the traditional Venice city.  My suggestion is to catch the Motonave Caorle boat just off St. Mark’s Square.  The boat ride will give you an amazing tour of the local scenery, plus it’s a nice change from a crowded bus ride.

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