Have you ever had one of those perfect moments?  You know, the one you wish you could just freeze, although you know it can’t last forever, let alone just a few minutes?  The type of moment that you wouldn’t share the details with anyone that wasn’t there because you know they just wouldn’t see the beauty and perfection in it?   The kind of moment that you are almost afraid to whisper for fear of scaring it away?

I experienced this moment a few days ago.  I wanted to take this moment, with it’s beauty and laughter and calm, and capture it in a jar and put it on the shelf above my bed, as if it was something I could catch and keep to myself.   It’s in those short, perfect moments that you know everything is worthwhile.  The distance from those you care about, the long work days, the daily frustrations of life…it all fades into the background when you have a moment like this.

my moment.