Image via {we heart it}

Writer’s block is a funny thing.  It’s not something I experience often, but occasionally  it takes up residence in my head.  The ideas are there, but something keeps them from streaming down through my fingers and onto my computer screen.  Today, I know the cause of my writer’s block:  Today is a beautiful day in San Francisco.  The sun is shining through some puffy clouds, and there is a cold breeze.  Soon, all the clouds will have melted away leaving the sun standing alone in the blue sky.  The news on TV is telling me the temperature will rise to 70 degrees (f).  My mind feels my body aching to feel the sun, to smell the ocean, and touch the warm sand, therefore causing a huge distraction for my writing.

The beauty of my job is that all I need to work is my laptop.   So today, after a client meeting downtown, I will walk to one of my favorite spots in the city, Crissy Field.  Hopefully the scene of the gorgeous Bay will inspire my words to flow freely.  I’ll even bring my camera so I can share the lovely views with you!