It’s a blog crawl!  I was so excited when Ashley from A Hasty Life invited me to participate in her It’s in the Bag blog crawl.  She choose 100 bloggers from all over the country to share with the world the contents of their most intimate possession.  A peek inside a woman’s handbag is a peek inside her world.  Today is my turn to dump out my bag and show the world what I choose to keep on hand at all times.

1.  My Tory Burch handbag is my favorite accessory I own.  It’s subtle army green complexion goes, surprisingly, with everything.  It was one of those spontaneous purchases that has turned out to be the biggest staple in my closet.

2.  On the other hand, I roll through sunglasses like the tide.  I stole these chain-link stunna-shades from my ex-boyfriends sunglass collection, but originally I believe they were purchased somewhere on the Venice Beach boardwalk for around $5.

3.  Pepper spray.  A must have for any 20-something woman working in a big city.  It is San Francisco, afterall.

4. Quick-fix makeup.  Laura Mercier lip gloss in Coral, Maybelline Great Lash Blackest Black Mascara, and a eyelash curler are all this girl needs to survive a day in the world.

5.  Keys.  Car key, mail key, house key.

6. Trident Gum.   I carry gum or mints in my bag.  At.  All.  Times.

7. Dental floss.  Since I’m usually always on the run, flying from client meeting to tech meet-ups to conferences, I need to make sure my teeth are picture perfect…we don’t need any embarrassing leftovers spoiling a perfectly good first impression.

8. BART pass.  I use the same BART pass over and over again.  Saves paper, yes.  But it also saves me the extra 5 seconds waiting for another one to print when I’m already running last for that last train of the night.

9. Thumb drive.  This is my life saver.  This little thumb drive has gotten me out of quite a few sticky situations.  Like the time I drove 1 hour and 45 minutes to a client meeting only to discover I had left my portfolio at home.  Luckily, I had it backed up on my thumb drive.  I headed over to the nearest Kinkos, and had another one printed and binded on the spot.

10.  Daily Planner.  Yes, I have a BlackBerry.  I am all about having a Plan B whenever I happen to drop my BlackBerry in a cup of coffee.

11.  My BlackBerry.  My connection to the outside world.  Constant availability to my family, friends, and clients.  My Twitter.  My Facebook.  My blog.

12. My notebook and pen.  Here lives my multiple daily to-do lists, my random business ideas, and any random thoughts that I need to write down.  I keep this with me at all times.

13.  My wallet.  I love my Jessica Simpson wallet ($16, Marshall’s!) because it doubles as a clutch when my Tory Burch bag is just to big. {Sorry Tory, but you’re just a little too big to hold while I’m trying to dance, kthanksbye.}

That’s it for my bag.  Hungry for more?  See Sarah’s bag at Yes, Teacher! Aaaaaaaand on Monday, a new bag will be featured on A Spot of Whimsy, too!

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