2010 has been one of the busiest, craziest, most fun, most amazing years I have ever had.  I learned more about myself in this single year than I think I’ve learned my whole life.  I took chances, stepped out of my comfort zone, and made some life-altering decisions.

I moved 100 miles from my friends and family.

I made new friends.

I lost a friend.

I lived alone for the very first time.

I started Miss Social.

I learned to cook.

I quit my amazing job.

I started a business.

I lost 5 pounds.

I traveled to places I had never been before.

I stopped judging.

I let things go.

I stopped setting deadlines for milestones in my life.

I made thousands of memories.

I let myself live.

I let myself be happy.

I let myself be.

2010, I loved you.

New Years 2010