Well, 2010 will be over in just under 36 hours, which means I have 36 hours to cross everything off my list of 25 things to do before 2011.  Yeah…I’m not going to make it.  Even though I didn’t get everything done on my 2010 bucket list, I feel great because I tried a ton of new things I otherwise may have never done.  Here’s my recap of the list:

1. Take a gourmet cooking class.

2. Go to Las Vegas.

See here.

3.  Take an Italian class.

I wanted to take an Italian language class mainly to speak with my friends in Italy.  I was all signed up to take the course, but because of my recent hectic schedule, I couldn’t make it.  Google Translate makes all the difference in the world, though, and is steadily helping our language barrier.

4. Buy a real camera.

Funds were tight towards the end of the year because of my new business, but this is at the top of my list for 2011.

5.  Take a red eye flight somewhere.  Anywhere.

All my flights were during normal business hours.  But, if I had my way, I’d be on a red-eye tonight to see someone really special for New Year’s Eve…

6. Discover a new place.

It’s my little secret.

7.  Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge.

8.  Take scuba diving lessons.

9.  Make a candle from scratch.

With all my DIYs this year, you’d think I would have been able to make this one happen!  Maybe I’ll do this one in the 36 hours I have left of 2010.

10.  Throw a party (besides the ones required by my job).

11.  Grow a garden in my backyard.

12.  Buy a nice business suit.

13.  Write my family tree.

14. Learn to bartend.

Does it count if a friend taught me to make  a few drinks?  I say yes.

15. Volunteer.

I chartered the Active 20-30 Club of San Francisco to help children in need and get more involved in the volunteer community in the San Francisco Bay Area.  If you feel so inclined, show your support by ‘like’ our Facebook page here.

16.  Send a thank you note to a random friend.

17. Plant a tree.

Again, I think this one will have to be done in the next 36 hours..

18. Buy a pair of Jimmy Choos.

My priorities have changed since this post was written.  However, I did get an adorable pair of Tory Burch flats :)

19. Forgive a friend.

This was the hardest task on my list.  But, now that it’s done, it feels GREAT.

20.  Buy  a new couch.

21. Take a lot more pictures. Done and Done.

22.  Broaden my food pallet. I tried Greek food, which I was deathly afraid of.  But, as it turns out, I love it!

23. Get a bigger closet.

I sort of went the opposite direction on this one.

24.  Spend more time with my niece and nephew.

They’re growing up too fast.

25.  Read my grandmother’s book, “Born on Snowshoes” again.

Miss you Grandma.