This weeks travel post may not be all that interesting to some of my readers.  I know most of you have been to Vegas multiple times, and probably have had much more exciting experiences than I had on this particular trip.  But, I had never been to Vegas before as an adult.  I’ve actually only been one time before, when I was 11 years old and all I remember about that trip was the giant M&M store….Plus, going to Las Vegas is #2 on my 2010 bucket list.

Craving a change of pace, Brittany & I hopped on an early morning $39 Southwest flight to Las Vegas on a Tuesday.   Our ultimate goal in this quick 2 1/2 day mini-vacay was to get some sun and rest up before we were thrown full-force back into our daily routine, especially because I was gearing up to start my own business, Studio 41 Creative.

Upon arrival in Las Vegas, I instantly felt the difference between here and the foggy city I had left that morning.  98 degrees was a mild morning for Vegas, our taxi driver told us.  In 10 minutes we pulled up to our amazing hotel, Encore by Wynn.

After getting settled in, we immediately toured around the Strip.  The pavement was so hot at points is actually melted the bottoms of our flip flops.  I immediately recognized the main landmarks from movies like Treasure Island and The Hangover, which just made me feel even more like a crazed tourist.

Brittany and I were raised avid travelers in our family, so of course our favorite hotels were the one inspired by our favorite European cities: The Venetian and Paris.

I was in shock and awe of how much the Venetian hotel actually looked like Venice.  The tiny pathways and tall buildings, the gondolas in the canal, and the high-fashion boutiques all reminded me of my trip to Venice.

The best part of my trip, by far, was the casual lounging in the Cabana area of the Wynn, where we spent most our time.  Well, there and at the buffet :) .

Of course, even with the sun and the gorgeous pools, I couldn’t help but get some work done while I was there.

I realize that for most people, Vegas is not about relaxing and taking it easy, but for me, it was exactly what I needed.

Oh, and we did get a little dancing in {I apologize in advance for the commentary from the surrounding people}:

P.S. I’m told posting this video makes me look like a huge dork.