I’m always getting asked where I studied photography & editing.

The truth is, I’ve had a camera in my hand since I was 3 years old.  My dad was a journalism photographer and he pretty much taught me everything I know about photography, from film to frame.  He taught me how to take an award-winning photo, how to develop film {he even put a dark room in our house!},  and even provided the means for me to have a background for my photos: travel.

Once in college, I took countless photography, digital photography, videography, printing, and digital editing courses.  I got my first job working as an editor for a wedding film production company, and soon after my sister {Jessica} and I started our very own film production company, Lovespun Films {previously EStyles Design}.  My sister has pretty much taken over the business side of Lovespun Films, but recently I decided to go back to my roots and work with her on some recent projects.

Since the world of photography & digital editing is always changing, it is impossible to know everything about digital editing.  I currently use the Adobe CS4 Creative Suite to do all my editing, photos and video.  For photo editing I use Adobe Photoshop CS4, for graphic design I use Adobe Illustrator CS4, and for video editing I use the CS5 version of Adobe Premiere.

I love Photoshop.  It is easy to use and there are thousands upon thousands of free tutorials to help you learn all over the web.  Once you master the basics of Photoshop, there are a lot of freebies out there to make your editing process go a lot faster.

Here are some of my favorite Photoshop tutorial sites and helpful Photoshop-master bloggers:

Smashing Magazine

Pugly Pixel

Paint the Moon

Photoshop Lady

Happy editing everyone!