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As I sit at my desk, sipping my coffee and getting organized to start my day, I can’t help but gaze at the coin jar marked “Paris” sitting above my dresser.  It used to sit on my desk, but I could never get any work done with the thought of Paris staring back at me.  My jar is slowly building a savings of quarters and dollar bills that will, someday, buy my airfare to Charles de Gaulle. But that could be months away.

The last time I was in Paris, for a considerable length of time anyway (layovers not included), it was winter.  There was no snow, yet it was freezing and raining for more than half of the time.  Still, I loved every minute of it.  On the more rainier days, my sisters, brother, mom and I would walk through the many museums, sipping coffee and planning out our time once the rain would stop.  When the rain took a break, we would hurry up the steps to Montmarte, near our apartment, and take photos of the city from one of it’s most famous hilltops, or head over to the Eiffel Tower for brunch and of course, more photos.  Here’s a few:

(yes, I realize I look like a baby…I still have those chubby cheeks :))

It’s been years since that trip, but I cannot wait to return.  Until my jar fills up, I’ll be waiting here, dreaming of Paris.

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