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This week’s DIY is super easy to make, but it does involve a quick trip to Michael’s (or your local craft store).  I am absolutely in love with these make-it-yourself sequin bauble rings from Martha Stewart:

What you’ll need:

Wooden beads or foam balls, Strung sequins, Tacky white glue, and craft jewelry rings (or a plain band, if you have one).

3 easy steps:

1. Pull 1 or 2 sequins off the thread to create a lead end. Starting at the top of bead (or foam ball), secure lead end with a dab of glue.

2. Apply glue one section at a time, and adhere sequin strand, spiraling it tightly and applying pressure as you work. Cover the entire ball with sequins.

3. Apply glue to ring, secure sequin bauble, and let sit until completely dry.

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