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Somewhere in the midst of moving to another city, with all my belongings in scattered boxes between my new house, my parents house, and storage, I lost my passport.    I’ve only lived in this new house for a few weeks, so I told myself I had plenty of time to find it.   That is, until my sister gave me less than 24 hours to hop on a plane with her to an exotic filmmaker’s retreat.  Her roommate had to cancel last minute because of a family emergency leaving my sister with an extra ticket.  I was already taking her to the airport, all I had to do was get on the plane.

My sister, my parents, and I desperately searched our houses for the missing passport, but to no avail.  What really stinks is that I’ve kept my passport in pretty much the same place for 10 years.  Now, on the day I need it most, it’s no where to be found.  So sadly I put my sister on the plane alone headed for an amazing vacation, one that I was desperately in need of.

This teaches me a valuable lesson:  always know where your passport is because you never know when you might have a chance to drop everything and just go.

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