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Mistakes are part of the dues one makes for a full life” -Sophia Loren

Mistakes are oftentimes classified as regrets or flaws in our nature, when really they are part of our development.  They are how we learn and grow.  Here are just 5 of the mistakes that everyone should make:

1. Totally embarrass yourself.

We’ve all been there.  Toilet paper gets stuck to our shoe, static cling gets the better of us, we call a higher-up by the wrong name all day, or many of the other equally as embarrassing things that have happened over our lifetime.  But, even as humiliating as it was at the time, we most likely were humbled by the experience, and grew as a person because of it.  And if nothing embarrassing has every happened to you, you should probably be living a more exciting life.

2. Ruffle peoples feathers.

Have you ever refrained from saying something you wanted -or even needed- to say, for fear of upsetting someone or not having a popular opinion?    Do you think Sue Silvester is a Glee favorite because on her snazzy outfits?  I’d say it’s more her ‘tell-it-like-it-is’ attitude that draws the attention of others, because you know even if you don’t agree with her, you still respect her.  We should take a page from Ms. Silvester’s book, and say what’s on our minds when it really matters.  That doesn’t mean we should argue with our boss over every tiny issue, but when it comes to things that we really believe in, we should take a stand.

3. Follow trends blindly.

Did you hop on the San Francisco Giants bandwagon?  What about the Twilight train? Or what about when beanie babies were hot?  There are all kinds of trends in the world, so why not follow a few?  You may meet new friends, find a new hobby, or discover your love of baseball…and find out who you really are along the way.

4. Be willing to fail – doing something you love.

A few years ago my sister, Jessica, and I attended a corporate retreat with promotional speakers.  One of the speakers, Andy Andrews, said something that weekend that, to this day, my sister and I have never forgot.  He said there comes a time in every person’s life (for some, more than once) when they get the opportunity of a lifetime, but at a risk to themselves.  Andy calls this moment the “Oh Sh**” moment, when you have to make a decision that will change everything, but it could also ruin everything if it doesn’t work out.  At that point, Andy continues, you have to make a decision and not look back.   I’ve always remembered this when making important decisions.  I want to be the type of person that is doing what they love, even if there is a possibility of failure.  And if it doesn’t work out I will not look back at the decision with regret, but only understanding and growth.

5. Carelessly put yourself at risk.

We all have fears.  Some of us are afraid of heights.  Others are afraid of elevators.  I was afraid of surfing.  It wasn’t so much the surfing that scared me, it was the possibility of falling off the board and hitting my head on a rock below the surface and dying, that scared me.  I loved watching the surfers out in the ocean, it seemed so freeing and peaceful when they did it.  So while was visiting a friend in San Diego a couple years ago, he offered to teach me to surf.  I made up every excuse in the book, but finally caved and headed to the beach.  After an afternoon on the water, I had discovered a passion for something I normally would have never tried.  I still get a little queasy when I first get out on the water after long breaks, but I still never regret trying in the first place.

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