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So much of the time, we girls put so much focus on finding a guy (or pleasing the one we’re with), finishing school, or establishing a career, that we forget the ones that have stuck by us through it all: our girlfriends.

Need an excuse to get together?  Here’s 10 of them:

1. Host a slumber party. Yes, I realize we are not 10 years old anymore, but does that really mean we can’t get together to gush about boys, makeup, clothes, and play Girl Talk or Dream Phone?

2. Play dress up and have a photo shoot. Let’s face it, the pictures of you out partying or from that work event are not really that flattering.   Why not charge up your digital camera,  put on some cute cowboy boots, or super high heels, and take some fun photos with your friends?

3. Go sightseeing. We live here.  We work here.  But have you ever been to Coit Tower, the Ghirardelli Chocolate Factory, walked across the Golden Gate Bridge, or _________ (insert tourist attraction in your city)?  Book your girls for an entire Saturday.  Ride the cable car.  Take one of those embarrassing red buses around the city.  Take pictures of the sea lions like everyone else does.  It will be fun, trust me.

4. Start a book club. I realize friends who are really into reading are few and far between.  Enter the slow reader book club.  You and your friends can read books at your own pace with no pressure, just a chance to get together and have coffee over a common theme.  Itching to get started?  Try the slow reader book club from Our. City. Lights.

5. Movie night. Every third Friday of the month, my sister hosts a girls night in, complete with a theme (with food and movie to match).  Why not host your own movie night?

6. Craft night This is one I’m dying to try!  I’m always hearing about ladies craft nights, but I have yet to go to one…so I’m thinking of starting my own.  Let me know if you want in!

7. Card night. Once a month -or, lately, as often as we can-my three sisters and I get together to play canasta.  We rejuvenate our bond, and catch up with everything that is going on in our respective lives. Plus, the winning team gets bragging rights for the remaining month…which currently I have :)

8. Swap stuff. Why not host your own stitch swap or scarf swap between your intimate friends?  You’ll grab some great garb and spend some quality time with your gals.

9. Take up a sport together. Did you know that in pretty much every city there is a women’s soft ball league?  I didn’t either until recently when one of my friends asked me to join hers!   Sadly, I had to decline because of my overpowering list of current obligations, but otherwise I would have lept at the opportunity.  I am really competitive and would love a chance to combat the anti-exercise I get from sitting at a computer all day.  Maybe next season!

10. Spa day. I think this is every girls favorite on the list.  I can’t even remember the last time I had a spa day with the girls.  I think it was in 2007.  Before that, it was my bff Jenna’s bachelorette weekend (circa 2005. Wow.).

What are your favorite Girls Day/Night/Weekend things to do?

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