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Having worked in the wedding industry for the past 6 years, I’m always finding myself looking for inspiration in the most beautiful of blogs, those by wedding vendors, especially those featured by Wedding Chicks.  One of my favorite wedding photographers is Hilton Pittman Photography, not only because of their breathless images, but also their unique Do It Yourself tutorials!  Last week, they showed how to make a Fleurette Hair Topper.

Of course, when I tried to do it myself, it did not come out nearly as cute as theirs did, but hey, at least I tried.  Here’s how to make one yourself (maybe you’re better at amateur sewing than me):

You'll need: Fabric scraps, double-sided ribbon, a hair comb, a needle, thread, & scissors

Cut 5 strips of fabric (1″ wide, graduating lengths); Thread needle & tie a double knot in loose end of thread; Hand-stitch fabric strip lengthwise (at 1/2 inch intervals)

Hold fabric at one end and cinch, turning it into a circle; Stitch opposite ends together & tie a double knot to keep circle in tact; Repeat these steps with 3 more strips of fabric; Stack the 4 fabric circles (biggest circle on bottom to smallest circle on top).

51 Take the last remaining strip & tie it into a knot; Feed knot into fabric circles, so only the top of the knot shows when looking at the fleurette; Stitch (or hot glue) fleurette onto double sided ribbon; Attach double sided ribbon onto the comb (stitch or hot glue)

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