The thing with bangs is, sometimes they turn out fabulous.  Case in point: Hilary Duff, Heidi Klum, and Kate Moss.

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And, sometimes, they can turn out really bad:

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So Friday, in the middle of my usual hair appointment (simple highlights, and a trim) and looking through the latest Harper’s Bazaar, I came up with the idea of getting bangs.   The last time I had an hair cut epiphany I ended up with a short, SHORT A-line:

Me in 2007 - Okay, so it wasn't that short, but it was to me!

I spoke out about my hairbrained idea, and my stylist rolled his eyes and continued with his usual routine.  10 minutes later, I had made my decision.  3 more stylists joined the floor to make sure I knew exactly what I was doing.   My stylist, only leery because of my usual no-fuss hair style, finally obliged.   Here is the result:

Sorry about the BlackBerry photos, my camera is dead right now!

At first I was mortified. Then I was ecstatic.  Now I’m some where in the middle.  The morning wrestle with the blow dryer and choosing outfits that seemed to ‘go’ with my new do has been a little harder than preferable to get used to.  But, now after nearly a week, I’m finally embracing the beauty of change…and I might even keep them after all!

Have you ever had a hair cut you’ve absolutely loved or hated?  Let’s hear those dramatic stories girls!