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Tunisia is a small Arab country in the north-most part of Africa. One of the most interesting things to see in this country was the contrast between the seemingly poverty-stricken land when you first arrive in the city, and then as you move inland, the city fills with flourishing businesses in bright blue and white buildings on cobblestone streets.

We were first invited to a rug shop, where American and European tourists haggled prices for exquisite rugs, made by the Tunisian local women.  My favorite part of the experience was when we were shown to the rooftop to overlook the entire city.

After the rug shopping, we traveled to the Roman Baths at Carthage.  The combination of beauty and history were beautiful.

Next, we toured the American Cemetery and Memorial for the fallen American soldiers of World War II.  2,841 Americans are buried here, and a memorial wall remembers the names of 3,724 missing soldiers.

Once we arrived at the prestigious and wealthy district of Tunis, we were enthralled by the historic beauty of the blues and whites, which symbolize peace and happiness for all that reside in this city.

Tunis & Carthage, the two Tunisian cities I visited, although extremely different, created a spectacular understanding of the history and the future of this ever-growing country.

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