Sitting.  Turning on.  Typing.  Tweeting.  Posting.  Reading.  Writing.  Blogging.  IMing.  Updating.  Downloading.  Syncing.  Turning off.

This is what my everyday consists of.  As a public relations and media account executive at a Bay Area marketing firm, I spend my 9-5 day interacting with the world through technology.  I love that my job consists of constantly meeting new people, interacting through an ever-changing medium, and learning something new almost hourly.  But sometimes, just sometimes, it gets a little overwhelming.

So while drinking coffee on Sunday morning, my sister, brother-in-law, and I sat discussing our various phones (BlackBerry, HTC Incredible, & iPhone) and how they were so great for keeping us in the know of everything that was going on in our world around us, even when we don’t want to be.  Beeping or ringing or buzzing, our phones and laptops are constantly updating us with what our clients have to say about our latest media kit or article  or video, what our friends are up to, and how our family is doing.

It was right then that we decided, instead of one more afternoon in front of the computer screen, checking and sending emails via smartphone or checking video views or blog stats, we would take the rest of the day to take advantage of what is left of the warm summer sun.   Thirty-five minutes later, we were packed up and in the car headed to Lake Tahoe.

This is what we were reminded of:  As much as we love the advancements in technology and all the benefits that come along with it, there is still nothing better than good ole’ fashion family time together, away from the buzzing and beeping and tweeting and posting.