Part 1.  Recently I moved into my very own apartment, complete with empty cupboards and a leaky faucet.  Since I have always lived with roommates prior to this new place, I really had no furniture or appliances.  So my lovely sisters and mom threw me a darling housewarming party.  I got just about everything a girl could need for her first adventure on her own; a sparkly new coffee maker, a bright pink vacuum, and the perfect set of dishes and cutlery.

Of course, no housewarming party could be complete without games (according to my mother).  As guests entered my new pad, they were invited to take a notecard and write down their favorite recipe.  At the end of the party, my mom put all the recipes in a basket.  Then, I was instructed to close my eyes and pick out a card.  The winner got a charming prize.

When I look though all the recipes I got, I’m amazed at what my friends and family came up with.   I want to share with you a few of the yummy recipes they had up their sleeve (I got so many I couldn’t possibly share them all with you in one post).

My mom:

My good friend, Felicia:

My brother-in-law, Lewis:

My sister, Deb:

My sister, Jess:

I’ve loved making these special recipes from my family, and I hope you do, too!  PLUS, this is only part one of my friends & family’s recipes!  I’ll be posting more next Monday.

What’s your favorite family recipe?