I woke up this morning and thought it was Friday. But it’s definitely Thursday.  Oy.  Still the day started off great and I continued to be in a great mood all day.  What better way to celebrate a great day than with a glass of wine and some eye candy?  Here is a small collection of some of my favorite things.

Coral Lipstick. Nothing goes better with a smile than subtle coral color lipstick.  It’s soft and feminine and goes with everything.  My favorite is Lip Glacé in Bellini by Laura Mercier, which is technically a gloss, which I don’t usually prefer, but this one is magic.

Riding Boots. This is my favorite trend right now.  I cannot wait to get my hand on these bad boys from Anthropologie.  I have the shorter pair, but I’m dying to have the tall ones.

Prosecco. Nothing is better then lounging by the pool with a glass of prosecco, which I will be doing as soon as I’m done with this post. Ahhhhh, the life.  My all-time favorite is from Villa Sandi (above), the most beautiful vineyard I have ever been to.

Luscious bedding. My most favorite thing in the world is a giant, fluffy bed.  This amazing bed set from Anthropologie {where else?} is my dream bedding for my dream loft in San Francisco.

What are you must-haves of the moment?

Well, I’m off to the pool  Have a great Thursday!