My favorite city in the world {so far} is San Francisco. I’ve been all over Europe and most states in the US, but still something always brings me back to the city by the bay.  It is the perfect blend of history, culture, scenery, recreation and nightlife.

Now that my new job is just minutes from the city, I like to head down to Crissy Field before work and go for an early morning run or grab a coffee on the beach.  It gives me time to just be alone with my thoughts, and also do some people watching.  On this particular morning it was pretty cold outside, so what started off as a run quickly turned into a walk, and then finally I decided to get the blanket out of my car and cuddle up with a coffee and my 35mm camera and watch the early morning adventurists at their best.  It was freezing cold and foggy, but these surfers made the best of the choppy seas and headed out into the freezing cold water.  Here are some of the shots from that morning:

Images courtesy of me :)

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