Today’s post is going to be a mashup up a few of my favorite travel blogs.  They are each inspiring in their own way, and together they make for a good afternoon of dreamy reading.

{Cest Christine} @camarose

This is the type of blog I dream of having someday in the near future.   A California girl leaves her job, friends, and family and moves to France to start a new life of travel, writing, exploring, and discovering herself.  If you ever need inspiration to try something completely new in your life, Christine is the girl to follow.

{Twenty-Something Travel} @20sTravel

A blog that follows the life of an adventurous young, single girl on her travels around the world.  Who wouldn’t be inspired by that?  I love this blog so much, I subscribe to its RSS feed, which means I get her posts emailed to me as soon as their posted.  I love reading this blog because 20-something Stephanie not only tells her travel stories, but gives advice on how  you can make long-term travel a reality for you, plus the tricks of the trade she’s learned from so much travel.

{Girls Guide to Paris} @GirlsGuideParis

The name of this blog pretty much sums it up: A girls guide to shopping, dining, and truly experiencing Paris.  Who wouldn’t want the inside scoop on the best places to stay or the best places to go dancing after hours.  These girls even give you the lowdown on what to know before you go, and their favorite travel resources.  Even if you’re not planning a French adventure in the near future, there’s no harm is exploring around the blog and looking at all the beautiful photos of the city.

These are my favorite travel blogs, what are yours?

Happy Friday everyone!  Have a great weekend!