Most of us have the same boring schedule.  Monday: Get out of bed, take a shower, go to work, come home, watch TV or read a book, go the bed.  Tuesday: Repeat.  Wednesday: Repeat.  Thursday: Repeat.  Friday: Repeat, but add possible drinks and dinner with friends at the same old restaurant.

We can’t live like this forever.  Especially while we live in such a brilliant city.

Did you know that Sacramento has walking tours?  What about the monthly Second Saturday Art Walk?  Sacramento has so much to offer its residents, especially in the summer. So this summer, maybe even this weekend, I challenge you to discover what your city of trees is really about.

Friendly suggestions:

1. Take the “Hysterical Segway City Tour ” of Sacramento presented by Hysterical Walks and Rides, a local company that gives you an up close and historical, not to mention hilarious, look at your city while riding on an electric segway:

Hysterical Walks "Segway Tour"

2.  Visit one of our many unique museums:

3. Visit one of our local State Parks:

4. All Aboard!  Enjoy dinner and a murder aboard the Delta King Friday and Saturday nights presented by Suspects Murder Mystery Dinner.  This is a great activity for those wanting to mix up their normal weekend routine.

Sacramento's Delta King River Boat

P.S. Rule # 1 of being a true tourist:  Bring your camera.  Now, let’s go make some memories!

These are some of my favorite things to do in Sacramento.  What do you do when you are playing tourist in Sacramento?