It’s 2010 already?!  Where did 2009 go?  Looking back at all that I accomplished in 2009, I feel proud.  I landed a great job that was truly the beginning of my career.  The jumping off point.  I found, truly, the love of my life.  I made friendships that turned into unbreakable bonds.  So in those respects, 2009 was an epic success.  My year was full of love, excitement, and spontaneity.  But, 2010 is here already flying by quicker than 2009 and I feel the need to make this year rival ’09.  So, for the next 6 or so months I have a huge To Do list.   {Please, if you have any tips, recommendations, or want to join me on any of these projects, let me know! I’d love your company}

1. Take a gourmet cooking class.

2. Go to Las Vegas.

3.  Take an Italian class.

4. Buy a real camera.

5.  Take a red eye flight somewhere.  Anywhere.

6. Discover a new place.

7.  Walk across the Golden Gate Bridge

8.  Take scuba diving lessons.

9.  Make a candle from scratch.

10.  Throw a party (besides the ones required by my job).

11.  Grow a garden in my backyard.

12.  Buy a nice business suit.

13.  Write my family tree.

14. Learn to bartend.

15. Volunteer.

16.  Send a thank you note to a random friend.

17. Plant a tree.

18. Buy a pair of Jimmy Choos.

19. Forgive a friend.

20.  Buy  a new couch.

21. Take a lot more pictures.

22.  Broaden my food pallet.

23. Get a bigger closet.

24.  Spend more time with my niece and nephew.  They’re growing up too fast.

25.  Read my grandmother’s book, “Born on Snowshoes” again.

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