Hunt the Grid

As you’ve no doubt heard by now, May is Bike Month, so we’ve been encouraged to bike to work and around town, using less gas, and in turn helping out the environment.  Hey, every bit helps right?

Well, to get you in the cycling spirit, Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen has created “Hunt the Grid”, a cyclist only scavenger hunt around downtown and midtown Sacramento. Teams are four cyclists each, and everyone is given clues for little trinkets and Sacramento landmarks.  Prizes are awarded from local businesses as well as Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen.

Here’s the details:

The event is this Saturday (May 8th, which is also Second Saturday) from 2-6pm.  Race begins at Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen, 1915 I Street.

You can register your team starting at 1pm at Sacramento Bicycle Kitchen, or if you don’t want to take your chances of being last to the registration line, you can preregister by emailing

Note: A $10 registration fee per person will be due at registration time.   Participants must be over 18.

So dust off your ten-speed and bike downtown to participate in the best bicycle event all year.

Image and more information can be found here.