First off, I’m not a crier.  Not really anyway.

And, I have never cried at work…until recently.  Very rarely, I just have one of those days.  You know, the no good-very bad-rotten-horrible- kind of day.  I was stressed about money, stressed about my job, stressed about life in general.  And there I was, sitting in a meeting, listening to my boss list off all the things our staff needed to improve on (not even directed at me!), and wham! It hit me like a bus.  I quickly excused myself to the restroom and took a moment to let it out. Within 5 minutes I had myself together and joined the meeting again.

Looking back, I seem like a crazy person.  At the time, I felt I just had too much on my plate.  My boss was piling on the work with only me to do it all.  I had two events coming up in the next two weeks, and two HUGE events that are still in the planning stages.  My bank account seemed to be weakening instead of growing stronger.  And, I had overslept two days in a row.  Thank God it was a Friday.  Over the weekend I read an article in Cosmo about Heidi Klum.  Now here’s a girl who has it together.  A modeling career, a TV show, 4 kids, a husband and a kicking body.  Her secret: time management and orange juice.  Lots of both.

So here’s what I did:  I stopped complaining about my heavy work load.  It’s a RECESSION, baby!  Everyone is stressed out, and I should be thankful to have the amazing job that I have!  As Heidi so bluntly put it, it is possible to balance a career, a salary, a family, an exercise routine, and have fun doing it all.  You just need to plan it out properly, and do it all, while doing it right and having fun.

So that is my plan, and so far, it’s been working.  I have a schedule that I stick to and I am finding the joy in all my activities.  Life is too short to let it pass you by without having fun.

Photo courtesy of Cosmopolitan Magazine

Click here to read the Cosmo article”Heidi’s Secret? It’s in the Juice”